50 Sponsorship Deals of the Week: 18/01/13

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50 Sponsorship Deals of the Week: 18/01/13

Mollye Peters‘s insight:

Sponsorship deals are one of the biggest pieces of marketing practiced in the sports arena. Anyone interested in a sports marketing career should be paying attention to sponsorships. The details of these deals can be seen in many aspects of marketing such as in-game promotions, charities, community development, special events, signage, social media, content marketing, contests, and more.

One of my personal favorite sponsorship related marketing pieces I worked on was in-game promotions when I was an intern at Butler University in the Athletic Department. I loved interacting with fans and making their game day experiences that much more exciting. A fan favorite was always the Taco Bell Big Shoe Race. We would pick out a couple of children from the crowd and set them up prior to a media time out. We would place a extra-large Butler Basketball uniform across the court leading to a basketball on the opposite end of the court. The children would have a fixed amount of time to run down the court, putting on all of the pieces of the uniform, grab the basketball and dribble it back down the court. The first to make a basket was the winner and every participant got a prize. Not only did this type of in-game promotion make those children and their families have a better game day experience, it also made an emotional connection between them and the sponsor. Not to mention, it made most of the fans at Hinkle Fieldhouse want to take part in other promotions as well.

For a while, signage seemed to be the best for sponsors; however, my experience has shown that there are many more ways to promote sponsors that create an emotional connection between the sponsor and its target audience. If you are in sports or looking to get into the sports business, take sponsorships seriously and find ways to get the sponsor to connect with their target audience on a deeper level. That will make the sponsorship that much more valuable.

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