USOC Bidding for the 2024 Olympics Games

USOC Bidding for the 2024 Olympics Games


Northwestern University


Master’s in Sports Administration


The Olympic Movement


Mollye Peters



The final project for the Olympics Movement course was to analyze the United States Olympic Committee (USOC) bid cities for the 2024 Olympic Games and determine which of those cities, if any, would be best suited for winning the bid. The USOC had not put a bid in for the Olympics since the failure of the 2016 Chicago bid, which was due to several factors, including media dollar issues between the USOC and the International Olympic Committee (IOC), politics in voting, the high cost of bidding, etc. After changes were made in the IOC and the USOC relationship and within the IOC bidding and voting process, the USOC decided it would put forth a bid city for the 2024 Games, expecting that the bid would win the Olympics. There is still controversy over whether or not the US will win the Olympic bid even if they put a strong bid city in the running. Since I wrote this report, the USOC chose Boston as its bid city and then transferred the bid to Los Angeles.




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