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Welcome to my blog!

Welcome to Marketing with Mollye! My blog focuses on 5 main topics: the sports industry, marketing strategy, career development and leadership, business development/strategy, and design. Each topic represents my interests and what I’m working towards in my career as a sports marketing specialist.

Marketing & Business Strategy/Development

Throughout my marketing career, I have come across businesses that are missing basic pieces in their marketing strategy and business development. I think it’s extremely important for organizations to develop a strong foundation and that starts with the basics. Something as simple as not having a mission statement or missing one of the 4 P’s (also known as the marketing mix) can throw a business off of it’s goals. Part of this blog will be used to cover these basics including how organizations can develop solid business and marketing strategies that help to guide a business in the right direction to reach its goals.

Sports Industry

In addition to basic business and marketing principles that can be applied to any organization, I’m also going to focus a lot of my blog on specifics within the sports industry. I have been a sports marketing enthusiast for years and now hold a Master’s in Sports Administration from Northwestern University. The sports industry is a multi-billion dollar industry and a cultural institution. There are many issues that develop because of the unique culture of the sports industry. Mega events like The Olympics and FIFA World Cup bring economic and social issues to light. Domestic violence, health issues, and athlete doping are other social issues brought up regularly within sports. Media and sponsorship deals are helping to continue the growth of the sports industry and the economy worldwide. Sports marketing and sponsorship can be used for any business, large or small. It is one piece of marketing that organizations have the opportunity to utilize in order to achieve their strategic objectives. These are some of the sports industry topics that will be touched on in my blog.


I had to learn graphic design for some of my past marketing positions. I have come to realize over the years that design and marketing go hand-in-hand. Design is not just making things look pretty. Design can make or break a sale. In conjunction with marketing principles, design can make a call-to-action stronger, allow messages to be better communicated to the target audience, and helps with the user experience (UX). Brand marketing and management are strongly linked to design, such as logos, packaging, letterheads, websites, and more. In my blog, I will be sharing some of the tips, tricks, and best practices I’ve come across in design and branding.

Career Development & Leadership

Finally, everyone benefits from a little career development and leadership talk. When I was in undergrad at Butler University, the Business School requires all of its students to take career development courses throughout the program. I also was required to take a leadership class at Northwestern University in my Master’s program. I found all of my career development and leadership courses to be helpful throughout my career. I have become more aware of myself because of it. I want to share some of the career development advice I’ve received over the years, as well as showcase great leadership.

That’s my blog. I hope you enjoy the content I will be presenting and I welcome you to provide comments and feedback. Enjoy!

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