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As an Assistant in the Modern Language Center (MLC), I became the Project Lead for the annual MLC Photo Contest. The purpose of the Photo Contest was to allow students who studied abroad share their experience with fellow students, encourage more students to study abroad and/or take language classes, and increase student activity in the MLC. When I was given this project, participation in the photo contest was declining and students were not taking advantage of the MLC services.

Solution & Results

In order to accomplish the goals for the MLC Photo Contest, I analyzed the marketing strategy used in the past to promote the contest on-campus. I found that with the increase of technology students were getting their on-campus information from the school’s listserv and social media more than the traditional posting of flyers around campus. Therefore, I changed the marketing strategy to include weekly updates in the listserv and created a Facebook page to promote the MLC and the Photo Contest. These changes helped to increase participation in the Photo Contest by 70%.

The following year, I asked participating students and students who wanted to participate what should be done to improve the Photo Contest and help increase participation. I found that students were unaware of some of the details such as how the categories for entry were defined. Students said having this information would help them participate in the contest because they would have a better understanding of what was being looked for in their entries. I designed new flyers and entry forms that specified the categories and what the judges look for in the photos to win the contest. These changes did make it easier for participants to enter the contest. 

The Language Department also installed a TV to advertise language programs and the MLC services. I created a PowerPoint slide ad and added that contest winners will be showcased on the TV for a year. This also made participants more eager to enter the photo contest. However, the school-wide listserv, the main form of promoting the contest, had just changed and students were not receiving the emails in the same manner. The listserv change actually made it harder for students to receive information and school clubs and organizations were not allowed to post as much as in previous years. Due to the listserv changes, the Photo Contest had a slight decline in participation even though the entry forms, flyers, and TV advertising helped incentivize participants.

Redesigned Flyer & Entry Form



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