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Steps to Promote Stadium Security Policy Changes

Many sports organizations are re-evaluating their stadium security measures after tragedies like the Boston Marathon Bombing, including the NFL, which recently implemented a new bag policy. Since these safety measures can significantly affect a fan’s game-day experience, it’s important for sports organizations to make their fans aware of these new policies throughout the entire buying…

Psych’s Marketing Magic

For those of you who don’t know the TV show Psych, you are missing out on many levels. It is one of the best TV shows out there (my personal favorite). It has an obsessed fan base (also known as Psych-Os). And when it comes to marketing, it does an amazing job of engaging and…

How to Create Your Online Presence

The other day, my neighbor came over for some marketing advice. He works in construction and wants to start his own general contracting business. He got some advice saying that the way to get clients now is to create a website and an online presence. He was then contacted by a marketing firm saying they…

Great Examples of Social Media Voice

I read a great article from Marketing Land called 20 Great Social Media Voices (And How To Develop Your Own). As a marketing and social media specialist, I have learned voice is very important. Whether you are an organization or an individual, you need to have a consistent voice that represents who you are as a…

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