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Sports Industry Insights

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How to Discover Your Brand Pillars & Define Your Career Offerings

After finishing my Master’s in Sports Administration from Northwestern University, I wanted to redefine my work and educational experiences to combine all of the things that motivate me and my career. Why, you may ask, would I want to do this? A lot of people are confused by my career path and don’t know what…

Lean In & the NBA #LeanInTogether

I recently read Lean In by Sheryl Sandberg for my leadership class and started looking at women’s issues in a new light. I love what Lean In represents for both men and women, equality between the genders and breaking stereotypes between the genders. Watching the NBA playoffs, I came across this commercial for Lean In…

French Olympic Committee Unveils New Logo

  I came across this short article about the French Olympic Committee rebranding with the image of the rooster, a classic French symbol representing the culture and the people with pride. I love this new logo. It could very well have gone in the wrong direction, but they did a great job of incorporating the…

Becky Hammon – First Female Coach in Any of the Major Sports

  Great article from Carrie Battan (@marieclaire March 2015 issue) highlighting a key achievement in sports & gender equality. Becky Hammon is paving the way for women as coaches in male sports by being the first female coach in the NBA & in any of the major sports. “Despite the physical differences between sexes, ‘skills-wise, there…

Steps to Promote Stadium Security Policy Changes

Many sports organizations are re-evaluating their stadium security measures after tragedies like the Boston Marathon Bombing, including the NFL, which recently implemented a new bag policy. Since these safety measures can significantly affect a fan’s game-day experience, it’s important for sports organizations to make their fans aware of these new policies throughout the entire buying…

Psych’s Marketing Magic

For those of you who don’t know the TV show Psych, you are missing out on many levels. It is one of the best TV shows out there (my personal favorite). It has an obsessed fan base (also known as Psych-Os). And when it comes to marketing, it does an amazing job of engaging and…

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