Chipotle International Marketing

Chipotle International Marketing


Butler University


College of Business – Bachelor of Science in International Business


International Marketing


Shawna Jones, Jessica Otterman, Mollye Peters, & Erica Steele



For this group project the class had to pick a domestic company or product and decide how to move the company or product into an international market. My group chose Chipotle Mexican Grill. We conducted research and a SWOT analysis and used Cavusgil’s market potential analysis to determine the best international market for Chipotle to enter. After we decided which market to enter, we had to determine which parts of the value chain would need to be altered to move into that international market. Below are the two PowerPoint presentations for both parts of this project. The first PowerPoint is the Market Potential Analysis focusing on which market to enter and why and the second PowerPoint talks about the value chain changes moving into the international market. My personal contributions to this project were the SWOT Analysis, creating the graphs on the PowerPoint, aiding in creating the sales forecasts, conducting company and value chain research, and presenting the graphs and the value chain distribution.

Market Analysis Presentation

Value Chain Presentation



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